Vals Burgers & Fries

Vals Burgers & Fries

This is not an abandoned place, but if you’re ever on a long car trip, looking for abandoned places to photograph, and you’re hungry for some lunch… this is the place.  Val’s Burgers & Fries.  It’s on Lincoln Avenue in St. Cloud.  They have incredible burgers, and they just fill the bottom of your bag with fries.  There is no dining room, and customers order via a touch screen computer in the lobby.  Excellent grub.

9 thoughts on “Vals Burgers & Fries

  1. Vals ain’t bad and it’s independently owned to boot. The fact remains that Culvers still makes a much better burger. Less greasy too.

    1. I’ve never figured out how anyone can choke down those dry, tasteless turds they call burgers from Culver’s. Never had Val’s but I’ve heard great things about it. Maybe on my next trip through I’ll try em.

  2. When I found this joint by chance, I waited for it to open for lunch. Retro building with gimmick touch screen ordering. Food was not much to speak of. Fries were overly salted, as was the burger. Sorry, I don’t get it. More hype than reality. I was hoping for a MATT’S BAR Jucy Lucy or a KEG Burger like in Grand Forks both of which are a solid 10. This was more along the lines of a 4. Sorry, but that’s what I thought of it.

    1. To each their own I guess. I once worked about 6 blocks from this place, and to a man, everyone of my co-workers loved this place and we frequently had group lunches of Val’s Burgers and Fries. We highly recommend it.

  3. We accidentally found the place back in the early 90’s while on a road trip to the Cities. Back then you ordered with a phone, none of that high tech touch screen stuff.

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