Vacant Beach Motel

Vacant Beach Motel

This vacant beach motel is in Detroit Lakes on Washington.  It’s right next door to an operational motel, and not even a block from the beaches of Big Detroit Lake.  It has a very 1950’s beach bungalow kind of vibe, but it would need quite a bit of work to become operational– it’s not in great shape.

Photos by Troy and Rat, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

8 thoughts on “Vacant Beach Motel

  1. Do you know who owns the other motel? Some of my Ardies cousins, originally from Pembina, owned a motel in Detroit Lakes. I visited them once back in the 80s and stayed in it. They had family reunions there on Memorial Day and other holidays, and everyone had a place to stay! It was one of the daughters who owned it, either Lon and Marian Seelye or Mel and Jody Wynkoop.

  2. It must not have been abandoned too long ago. I definitely lived in the top floor of that ugly thing for two weeks while the house my family had just bought in DL was getting move-in ready. That was about 15 years ago now…I was only 5 but I remember it being very dingy and had no air conditioning.

  3. I was in DL in December of 2013, and that odd looking cantilevered two story building has been razed. Not sure about the rest of the buildings, as I was just passing through.

    1. Must be a bit of a theme in that area (ongoing redevelopment) – I stayed at the Castaway Inn in DL while doing some work in the area. I always thought it the nicest of the mom and pop motels I’d ever stayed at, only to find a few years back it was leveled and replaced with a new resort.

  4. I went to school with the son of the family that owned the Castaway. I, too, was surprised to see a giant hotel complex in its place several years ago.

    Progress, I suppose.

  5. Does anyone remember the Fairyland cottages also in Detroit Lakes? It made the National Register of Historic Places–I think– it is also gone. I don’t like the changing nature of what is happening in DL. Big gloppy concrete buildings– destroys the character that has made DL lovely and accessible to everyone.

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