Doran, MN

Doran, MN

Just south of Breckenridge on Highway 9, Doran is a small town of about 50.  I spoke with Ron, a local resident, and he told me the structure below is the bar (on the right) and the steakhouse (on the left) which were closed about ten years ago.

Note to self:  Signs against blue sky — always a good thing.

Ron says the red building below is the last remnant of the former Doran School, which was torn down years ago.  This was once the school gymnasium.

Photos by Troy
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15 thoughts on “Doran, MN

  1. My grandfather was mayor of Doran in the 1970’s. We use to play in the old school house when it was fully intact. There was a murder in that town in the 60’s I believe. That house was said to be haunted for many years after. It no longer stands but it still brings chills to me when I hear the stories.

  2. My Uncle Ron lives in Doran,Mn. Maybe it was him you talked to about the town. I recognized the Depot in Breckenridge too. Great to see some of Doran, have never gotten there.

  3. My grandpa grew up in Doran and then moved on to Campbell, MN to raise his family. He and my great-grandpa ran the Kent-Doran Grain Elevator Company. I believe the house my grandpa grew up in is still standing in Doran too. 🙂

  4. I delivered grain to the elevator back in the 40’s. I remember a Smith operating it and also Don Polotiski (sp) who managed it. I still have a couple of the metal framed pictures that they used to give at Christmas time.

  5. My dad Steve Meyer owns the bar now! He’s fixing it up and we are hoping to re open it someday! I’m sure you saw the park and everything right? The blue house right next to it is the one we live in!

  6. Looking for old photos or and history of a Doran house I just bought last year which I am fixing up its the yellow house next to the church, use to be a parsonage home. Thanks in Advance

  7. Does anyone know if there was a person with the last name Koutz murdered in Doran in the mid 1920’s and what was his full name and any family such as wife or child

  8. my dad grew up in the 60s on a farm the north of doran about a 1/2 mile too 1 mile and went to doran school up until 8th grade

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