Last Days in Tenney

Tenney, in southern Wilkin county, came to my attention when I saw a story on the news about how they had voted to dissolve, officially shedding the “town” designation.  There are only six people in Tenney.  As I learned on my visit, there are also two big black dogs.

Read more on Tenney in the Star Tribune.

Much to my chagrin, I somehow forgot about or missed the Tenney Firehouse which is on the National Register of Historic Places… next time perhaps.

Photos by Troy
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  1. trishymouse says:

    My hometown of St. Vincent is headed toward this someday, probably within my lifetime… see more at http://56755.blogspot.com

  2. I like the picture of the population sign.

  3. Bob says:

    There is a Hollywood Mn next to New Germany MN. There is also some small town next to Winstead but I forgot the name of it. I think it still has a bar.

  4. LT says:

    You didn’t miss the Tenney Fire Hall. It was burned to the ground in 2010!

  5. Lisa Kegley says:

    My Dad grew up in Tenney in the 30’s. It was a ghost town as far back as I can remember although my siblings have fond memories. We used to attend Tenney Days which was fun for me as a child. It is sad now that it is almost all gone.

  6. Brian Wittman says:

    Your last photo, the one of the home, I believe is the A. O. Wittman home; the home of my grandparents, father, tow uncles and an aunt..

  7. Tammy Kugler says:

    I was told that back in the day when “Ma Barker” robbed the bank in Wahpeton, ND that the get away car was dumped in Tenney and they jumped on the train! If its true I have no idea!

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  1. […] Tenney was featured in several regional newspapers in summer of 2011, when the town’s residents voted to dissolve and shed their status as an incorporated town.  Although the sign at the edge of town read “Population 6,” by the time the vote was taken, there were only three residents left, and they voted 2 to 1 to dissolve.  We visited the town to take photographs shortly thereafter. […]

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