Georgetown, Minnesota

Georgetown, Minnesota

Georgetown is about 20 minutes north of Moorhead on the Red River.  I took a drive out there to photograph this bridge which crosses the Red River from Minnesota into North Dakota, and ended up on a mini-adventure.

Some kind of strange alien carcass.
Under the bridge.
Plainsmen Black Powder Club, Members & Guests. Sounds inviting.

The abandoned Georgetown school. One empty space in a small agricultural town.

Driving around near Georgetown, Minnesota, I stumbled into a seldom used road with this little one-lane bridge.

The bridge deck clatters charmingly as you drive across.

Photos by Troy, Copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

7 thoughts on “Georgetown, Minnesota

  1. There was a little one-lane bridge like that one that crossed the Maple river a quarter mile from the farm I grew up on near Ellendale, North Dakota. I’ll never forget the sound of tires on wood as we crossed that bridge and once a snapping turtle grabbed the underside of the car and we drug it along for about a hundred feet until it let go. In the summer we fished by the bridge and in the winter ice skated near it. Thanks!

  2. In looking at these photos, I thought: I know this place! When I went back and reread the location it made me realize I used to play in an old-time band that was booked for those black-powder rendezvous campouts. It is very difficult to drive back there and I remember crossing that bridge but was unaware of the town. Beautiful area. Thanks for posting.

  3. That last little bridge is actually south of Georgetown — across from the highway from where we live. It’s downright scary in the winter when it’s slippery. It goes to a friend’s house one direction and onto another road in the other direction.

  4. If you would have gone one town North and head east, you could have found a little abandoned church in Perley, MN. If you come around the area, I’ll gladly show you where!

    1. I visited and photographed Bethania Lutheran Church this past fall. It was kind of creepy but also very beautiful at the same time. Well worth the visit.

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