Return to Tenney

Return to Tenney

Tenney was featured in several regional newspapers in summer of 2011, when the town’s residents voted to dissolve and shed their status as an incorporated town.  Although the sign at the edge of town read “Population 6,” by the time the vote was taken, there were only three residents left, and they voted 2 to 1 to dissolve.  We visited the town to take photographs shortly thereafter.

We recently returned to Tenney (one day short of a year since our last visit) and it was immediately apparent that Tenney has not only dissolved its legal status as a town, it is quickly losing its physical status as a town.

The former school and church, which both stood onsite in 2011, are now gone, leaving only one large building onsite, and several vacant houses and trailer homes.  There appear to be perhaps one or two inhabited homes, and the grain facility in Tenney is still quite active.

Even the sign declaring Tenney a town with a population of 6 has been removed from the roadside.

Photos by Troy and Rat, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

6 thoughts on “Return to Tenney

  1. My mother was raised three miles down the road from Tenney…It was fun to walk around when I was little..It was a bit of a ghost town 30 years ago..

      1. Mike, your commenting behavior over the last twenty minutes is dangerously close to spamming. If you intend to comment on every article on this site in one sitting, your IP will be banned. These comment sections are for discussing these places, not trolling for tokens or other antiques. — the moderator

  2. The tan house shown in third, fourth and sixth picture above was the home of A.O. Wittman, who was a blacksmith, farmer, and general contractor in Tenney, MN. Louie and Minnie Wittman, and their children, Orville, Norman, Dale and Lois, lived there. All are gone now, but the memories of the church, the town hall, fire hall, the school, Cliff’s bar and Stargel’s store remain.

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