Lunch in Ortonville

Lunch in Ortonville

We stopped for lunch in Ortonville during our trip to photograph some places in July of 2012, and we couldn’t pass up the chance to to shoot a few places in such a beautiful little town.

Ortonville is a small resort town of about two thousand nestled on the southern shore of Big Stone Lake, right on the South Dakota border. Downtown Ortonville cascades down the side of a hill to the beautiful lakeshore, and is dotted with historic structures.  Most notable is the Columbian Hotel.  Although the Columbian looks to have gone through at least a partial restoration at some point, there was no visible activity on the Saturday afternoon we visited.  We’re not sure on the present operational status of the hotel, but it is on on the National Register of Historic Places.

UPDATE:  This hotel burned to the ground just months after our visit.  Sadly, it is gone forever.

Look at those rates!

This is the Ortonville Water Department building, dating to 1933.  It’s right along the shore of the lake.  There’s a public beach and waterfront dock just behind the trees on the right.

See a lot more photos of Ortonville here.

Photos by Troy Larson and Terry Hinnenkamp, copyright © 2012 Sonic Tremor Media LLC

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  1. Within the past two weeks the decision was finalized by the Ortonville City Council vote to give the old water plant building to the Big Stone Arts Council. They are beginning plans to renovate and create a public art space along Big Stone Lake. So many old buildings are crumbling in the small towns. So exciting to be a part of something to preserve and share with the community! Love your site and all that you have covered!

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