Demolished: Abandoned I94 Speedway

Demolished: Abandoned I94 Speedway

This is the former I94 Speedway, also known as the I94 Raceway for a time.  It was right off Interstate 94, in Stearns County, about 40 miles northwest of St. Cloud, right outside of Sauk Centre.

There was some question as to whether this track might re-open after the final race on Sept 4, 2009, but the track has now fallen into such disrepair, it seems clear the track will never reopen.  It was a dirt track for four years, asphalt for about twelve years, and operated with a clay surface for the final season in 2009.

Update: This place has been demolished. I94 Speedway is no more.

I actually raced here once in a media race, in the summer of 1999.  I raced against five other media personalities from the region, and placed third out of six.  You can see some pictures of the track in it’s heyday here, and read the obit for the track here.

The track was wide open on the day I visited in 2012 — no gates or no trespassing signs.


During construction of the CapX2020 transmission line, the land next to this track was temporarily used as storage for the power poles.







What do you know about the former I94 Speedway? Please leave a comment below.


Photos by Troy Larson, Copyright © 2016 Sonic Tremor Media

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19 thoughts on “Demolished: Abandoned I94 Speedway

    1. My dad also volunteered as a member of the Eagles. He worked the bar, and I worked the concessions. Was a fun time, and sad when it ended.

  1. As I understand it the Speedway was bought out by the CAPX 2020 consortium. They are the folks constructinig the huge new powerline from St. Cloud to Fargo, ND. The Speedway was in the way of their transmission line route so they made an offer and bought the whole thing. They are using it as a staging area for equipment and supplies for the powerline project.

    1. Tim, that is incorrect information. The track is no longer abandoned. the staging area is right along the interstate just north of the elizabeth/59 n. exit

      1. The track was bought by a guy by the name of Ron smothers who owns the saw dust company up the hill then re sold to meral felling owner of felling trailers right up the hill. Will be used to expand felling trailers

  2. I used to visit this raceway a ton as a kid — my dad’s work had a sponsored car that raced there. Plus, I drive past it all the time now going to and from the cities. Thank you for sharing these awesome pictures and unearthing lots of old memories!

  3. My mom used to race here. My dad built alot of the cars raced on this track. We used to come every weekend as kids. I miss those days!

  4. you were allowed to pull your vehicle in and tail gate on turns 3-4. We would grill out and always had a great time at the track. I was pretty bummed when they shut it down.

  5. Used to go there just about every week when it was asphalt. Took our kids the last summer it was going and they loved it! So wish it was still here and running! Lots of great memories there!!

  6. Pat Henry was the local reighning track Champion for a number of years during the tar track days. We would go to the races all of the time. The nights we didn’t go, the sou d would rumble through town if the wind was from the south. If the wond was from the west you wouldn’t have a clue that there were races going on. I have photos of the year they melted down a car with a jet engine vehicle.

  7. I miss I94 Speedway remember racing there when it just opened but I can remember Sammy Swindell racing there in the open-wheel Sprint car division. Lots of good memories there

  8. I grew up going here and i have sooo many great memeries there im now 21 and im gunna build my own race car because of this track. The workers and volentiers were great people and i miss this track. Its sad to see it gone

  9. so was trying to find where this is. Did they tear down the whole thing? is it used by a different company now? when i look up i94 speed way is up by Fergus falls now. my husband is a HUGE race/ car fan so was trying to take him to closed down tracks.

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