Vintage View of Split Rock Lighthouse

Vintage View of Split Rock Lighthouse

I was hunting through a box of old photographs the other day and I found this — a vintage shot of Split Rock Lighthouse on the north shore of Lake Superior.  The original print is a tiny photo — about 1-3/4″ by 3″.  I scanned it at high resolution and blew it up.  It is presented here in unrestored condition.  I intend to digitally restore it in the future.

In the years following the construction of the Lake Superior International Highway (1924), tourists began visiting Split Rock more frequently.  Based on some distinguishing characteristics I’ve detailed below, I believe this photo is from the 1925 to 1930 time-frame.  The photographer and the couple in the shot are unknown.

UPDATE: Lee Radzak, a representative from the Minnesota Historical Society and Site Manager for the lighthouse dates this photo between the late 20’s and mid-30’s.  Lee says: “This appears to be a tourist’s snapshot.  I would put the date at circa 1930.”

Split Rock Lighthouse

A man and a woman pose in front of the lighthouse.

Split Rock Lighthouse

The woman in this photo appears to be clutching a book or perhaps a handbag.  She appears to be dressed in twenties or thirties-period clothing… is she wearing a bonnet?

Split Rock Lighthouse

In 1936, the retaining wall on the right had a chain link fence installed on the top, but there’s no sign of the fence posts or the fence in this photo, so we know it’s pre-1936.

Split Rock Lighthouse

Interesting.  Although this lighthouse has a spiral staircase inside, there is a ladder propped up on the exterior in this shot.

To see photos from my trip to Split Rock in 2012, click here.

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  1. Thanks for posting the photo. Its crazy to look at some of these old shots with no trees, compared to what it is today.

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