Haunting Abandoned Border Station

Haunting Abandoned Border Station

The former Port of Entry in Noyes, Minnesota was a haunting abandoned relic when we visited in 2013. Check out our new video featuring some history and updates on the fate of this place after a government auction in 2014. This video was uploaded at high quality, so if you have the capability to stream it to your TV, definitely check it out on the big screen.

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3 thoughts on “Haunting Abandoned Border Station

  1. Are you a goof looking for someone to hit on your ghost story? Troy, did you go to school in Hallock or Lancaster? You should know better than to put a story like this on the web, making it sounds hauntingly Eerie…..I grew up right by there. Its a great place to grow up, but there are no jobs up there, that’s why people left. Its not haunted….

    1. Sorry to have offended you, Catherine. If you spend a little more time perusing our website or familiarizing yourself with what we do, you would likely discover the word “Ghosts” is a metaphor, about abandoned places… the ghosts of our past, not paranormal or supernatural things. It’s not about ghosts.

      As far as being “eerie,” that was our opinion on visiting Noyes, and we stand by that. It is always eerie to visit a place that is abandoned, or nearly-so.

      Thank you and have a nice day.

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