GhostsOfMN.com is a partnership of Troy Larson and Terry ‘Rat’ Hinnenkamp.  This website is a photographic exploration of Minnesota’s ghost towns, abandoned places, and roadside attractions. This project has nothing to do with ghosts or the supernatural.

Troy Larson is a writer, publisher, and photographer.  Originally from Minot, North Dakota, Troy traveled the country in the radio industry, lived in Minnesota for number of years and married a native Minnesotan, before settling in Fargo/Moorhead in 2002.  Troy is the President of the company he founded with Terry Hinnenkamp, Sonic Tremor Media LLC.

Terry Hinnenkamp is a full-time radio personality in Fargo/Moorhead, plus photographer and antique-hound.  Terry spent several years living and backpacking through Europe before returning to Fargo in 2003.  Terry is the Vice-President of Sonic Tremor Media LLC.

Troy and Terry published their first book in 2013, Ghosts of North Dakota, through Sonic Tremor Media LLC.  The book can be found at bookstores and giftshops statewide in North Dakota, or order it online here.

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