Have Fun Gambling in These 4 Minnesota Casinos

Minnesota is one of the states in the United States of America that’s wild and often unexplored. It has much to offer for the gambling enthusiasts who are interested in casinos. Of course, this state might not be the first one that comes to your mind while discussing gambling. However, Minnesota has some fantastic casinos and they’re spread out rather than being concentrated in a single area.

Before searching for casinos in the state, it would be a good idea to know its gambling laws. Operating land-based casino establishments is legal in Minnesota. This has given a lot of tribal operators the opportunity to launch their casinos. Lottery, poker, horse racing, and other games that allow betting are legal in this state. Lawmakers have been showing much interest in legalizing sports betting, but wagering is still not allowed.

You must be at least 18 years of age to gamble in Minnesota. Some of the casinos that serve alcohol allow people only above 21 years of age. You must’ve got an overview of the gambling laws in the state by now. If you choose to play online casino (check this website to know more) So, let’s take a look at some of the popular casinos in Minnesota:

1. Prairie’s Edge Casino Resort

This casino is located in the city of Granite Falls. It will give you more of a low key experience of a casino in Minnesota. Prairie’s Edge offers both poker and blackjack. It also allows you to play virtual blackjack and roulette. Besides, the casino gives you the chance to enjoy a variety of slots.

It has more than a thousand slot machines. You can also try video poker and several more games besides the standard slots. In the casino’s lounge, you can savor some of its draft beers. While drinking beer, you can watch a live sporting event on television.

2. Mystic Lake Casino Hotel

Besides playing bingo and slots, you can pull tabs in this casino. Mystic Lake Casino Hotel is located in the city of Prior Lake. It allows you to explore a whole range of gambling activities, which includes two different kinds of blackjack. There are many other activities you can indulge in during your time spent in the casino.

They include playing golf and enjoying excellent food and drinks in its bars and restaurants. If you’re in Minneapolis, you’ll need to drive 30 minutes southwest of the downtown to reach this casino hotel.

3. Fortune Bay Resort and Casino

This casino resort gives you the chance to play slots, video poker, and keno. It is just a stone’s throw away from the islands, lakes, and forests. If you’re visiting Fortune Bay Resort and Casino on a Friday or Saturday, you’ll get to play high-limit blackjack. There are many other kinds of blackjack that you can enjoy on other days of the week. The casino also allows you to participate in poker tournaments.

4. Seven Clans Casino

Seven Clans Casino is located in Red Lake, Minnesota. You’ll have loads of fun gambling in its cosy and intimate environment. The casino focuses mainly on slots, but you can also play video keno games here. It also offers video poker. Bingo games are held on Sundays in this casino.

If you wish to stay overnight in this casino establishment, its hotel has some fabulous options in accommodation. Another great feature of Seven Clans is that it’s located close to enchanting natural surroundings.

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