3 Intriguing Ghost Stories of Abandoned Homes

There are some abandoned mansions or castles in the world that have spine-chilling stories associated with them. These stories are often filled with mysteries, scandals, and histories. Most of us would like to have a wonderful house. However, for some unfortunate ones, their home was where all their troubles began. It’s better to leave these stories in the past just like these haunted homes.

You may perhaps love to hear an interesting, scary ghost story. Of course, there are many individuals in the world just like you who would like to hear one. Despite this, many of us would certainly not want to live in such properties. So, here we present some of the scary ghost stories of abandoned homes:

1. Dundas Castle

This property located in Roscoe, New York, is also known as Craig-E-Claire Castle. When it was constructed by Bradford Lee Gilbert in the late 19th century, it was a small lodge-like structure. It was in 1915 that its new owner, Ralph Wurts-Dundas decided to rebuild it like a castle. He passed away a year before it was completed.

Even his wife didn’t have the good fortune to live in the finished castle. Shortly after her husband’s death, Josephine was committed to a mental institution. Muriel, their daughter, became the new owner of this property. This was not what the greedy caretakers wanted. They stripped Muriel of her inheritance and stole the property from her. She later married and left the house.

It got sold a few times and eventually went to a local Masonic chapter. While the property still rests in the hands of the Masonic ownership, it has been abandoned. Locals say that the ghost of Josephine still haunts this castle.

2. Lynnewood Hall

Built in the late 1800s, Lynnewood Hall is located in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. It has a Neo-classical architecture. This lavish mansion of limestone was constructed shortly after the death of the wife of Peter A. B. Widener. He was a tycoon and art collector who commissioned the mansion from the renowned architect, Horace Trumbauer. The mansion had 110 rooms with 55 bedrooms.

The eldest son of Widener was to inherit this property, but he was on the maiden voyage of Titanic. Eleanor, his wife, survived on a lifeboat. The Wideners were one of the biggest investors in the RMS Titanic. Joseph, the younger son of Widener managed the property until he died in the year 1943. Later the house was left unclaimed and abandoned. A few ghost stories about the house have survived to this day.

3. Odd Fellows Home

Old Fellows Home was well-known for its secret rituals throughout the 19th century. This mansion is located in Liberty, Missouri. It was constructed for the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF), an organization founded in 1819. The mansion acted as a central hub for this organization in Missouri.

The goals of the fraternal organization was similar to that of the Masons. They were promoting community outreach, brotherhood, and loyalty. As the rituals continued to be performed in the Odd Fellows Home, they didn’t take care of the at-risk members.

The complex of Odd Fellows Home spanned 200 acres. It comprised a hospital, school, nursing home, and orphanage. The subject of the ghost stories today is a skeleton of George, who was one of their members. It was used in the strange initiation rituals and was left behind when the mansion was abandoned.

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